3-in-1 Biological Product to Boost Soybean Productivity!

Agrocete takes the lead with the new generation of bioinputs and introduces Brazil's first 3-in-1 biological product for soybeans!

With an innovative and exclusive formulation, GRAP NOD PHOS is a pioneer in the national market with a triple action:

• Phosphorus Solubilization

• Nitrogen Fixation

• Growth Promotion

The product is composed of an exclusive combination of 3 specific strains of highly efficient beneficial microorganisms. This new generation of biological products that explores combinations of microorganisms in a single solution brings convenience to the rural producer and synergistic benefits to enhance crop productivity.

Produced with completely sustainable technology, NOD PHOS can be applied to seed treatment or in the planting furrow. It is another solution from Agrocete for Building crop productivity, part of the Planting, Vigor, and Rooting phase technologies that ensure high-performance development.

                                            <p>GRAP NOD PHOS</p>

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Discover more benefits of the first 3-in-1 biological product for soybean crops:

• Phosphorus solubilization

• Growth promotion through the synthesis of phytohormones

• Biological nitrogen fixation

• Increased root development

• Increased development of secondary roots

• Increase in water and nutrient absorption

• Resistance to water stress and greater tolerance to pathogens

• Greater biomass production and plant height

• More productivity


GRAP NOD L+ is a liquid inoculant composed of a pure culture of Bradyrhizobium japonicum bacteria, which provide high biological nitrogen fixation when associated with the host plant.

                                            GRAP NOD L+


GRAP NOD•AL is a liquid inoculant composed of a pure culture of the bacteria Azospirillum brasilense, which inhabit the rhizosphere and stimulate the growth of plants through the synthesis of phytohormone, biological nitrogen fixation, and solubilization of nutrients.

                                        GRAP NOD AL


GRAP EXTRA NOD is an additive for inoculation that protects the bacteria and provides better survival for viable cells.

                                            GRAP EXTRA NOD