<h1><strong>AGROCETE STPRO</strong></h1>


AGROCETE STPRO is a innovative concept for seed treatment. Formulated with high-quality Ascophyllum nodosum extract, AGROCETE STPRO provides physiological benefits, like stress resistance for seedlings, and nutritional benefits, such as the improvement of biological nitrogen fixation when used alongside inoculants. The construction of productivity starts with seed germination and seedling emergence. A critical phase of the development cycle of any plant in which environmental variations can negatively influence causing physiological disorders that compromise the full development of the plant. Any action that seeks to stimulate plant metabolism, boosting its growth in a balanced way and that at the same time protect the plant against environmental and physiological disturbances, help in the full development so that the plant passes to the subsequent phenological phases with its maximum vigor. AGROCETE STPRO was developed with the purpose of offering metabolism stimulation as well as increasing protection against physiological stresses that the seed faces in the most sensitive phase of the plant's life cycle.

                                                <h2><strong>Breed PRO</strong></h2>

Breed PRO

Launch of the PRO Family!

  • Anti-stress action
  • Improvement in plant cell structure formation
  • Increased floral adhesion
  • Enhancement in sugar transport
  • Support for biological nitrogen fixation


Launch of the PRO Family!

  • Anti-stress action
  • Increased biological nitrogen fixation (BNF)
  • Reduces the production of toxic compounds
  • Reduction in the synthesis of Ethylene, responsible for the senescence and leaf drop of plants
                                            <h2><strong>FIELD PRO</strong></h2>

Learn more about the action of Breed PRO and Field PRO!


AGROCETE GRAD is a foliar fertilizer, bioregulator, composed of an exclusive combination of magnesium and carboxylic acids. Its application promotes a better embranchment of the plants, as well as reed thickening, making the plants more efficient and resistant to bedding. Thus, the plants can better explore the environment and respond with an extraordinary increase in productivity.


• More plant ramifications.

• Resistance to bedding.

• Better nutrient usage.

• Healthier plants.

• Higher number of pods and grains, greater grain weight and better productivity.

Suggested cultures: Grains.

                                            <p>AGROCETE GRAD</p>


AGROCETE EVIC-S is a foliar fertilizer containing nitrogen and sulfur.

BENEFITS: Increased productivity;

Recommended crops: Soybean, Corn, Wheat, Rice, Cotton, Beans, Oats, and Sugarcane.

                                        <p>AGROCETE EVIC-S</p>

AGROCETE amyno 15

Ensure greater health and productive potential of plants.

The micronutrients in the soil are not always used by plants due to several factors: soil and rhizosphere pH, organic matter content and nutritional interaction. The nutritional balance offered by AGROCETE amyno 15 is the key to the good development of plants.

                                            <p>AGROCETE amyno 15</p>


Reduce stress for your crops.

AGROCETE organo TOP is a liquid foliar fertilizer with nutrients complexed with organic matter, humic and fulvic acids. Organic stimulant and activator of plant metabolism, it increases the speed of absorption and translocation, enhancing the functions of nutrients. AGROCETE organo TOP promotes stress reduction, better Yields and ensures balance between the plant's aerial structure and the root system when applied regularly.

                                        <p>AGROCETE Organo TOP</p>