Agrocete started to operate in Ponta Grossa - PR in 1980. Nowadays, the company is a global reference in the area of special fertilizers and inoculants.

The development of the company is aimed at continuous improvement, assuring, through ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 14001 (Environment) certifications, quality products and services.


To produce new technologies and alternatives for agriculture, to obtain maximum productivity in cultures, with the highest quality food production, while assuring highest profitability and satisfaction of being in the agriculture business.

Integrated Policy

As established in the strategic planning, Agrocete consciously and consistently invests in the growth of customer satisfaction, through assurance of quality in the productive process (ISO 9001), in trading, distributing and giving technical assistance of agricultural products, while respecting the ecological principles of pollution prevention (ISO 14001) and complying with the legal requirements.

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