Who we are?

We started our activities in 1980 in Ponta Grossa, in the state of Paraná. Today, we are an international reference in the areas of adjuvants, special fertilizers, and inoculants, standing out as one of the prominent companies in the agricultural inputs market.

We have international presence in various countries in the Americas. Currently, our inoculant manufacturing plant is among the largest and most modern in the world. Building a solid brand over the years, we invest in development with a focus on continuous improvement, ensuring quality through ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 14001 (Environment) certifications, Clima Paraná Seal, Together for Sustainability (TfS), and quality services.


To develop and produce technologies in adjuvants, biologicals, fertilizers, and inoculants that improve agricultural quality and productivity, providing higher yield per cultivated area.


To remain a reference in the fields of application technology, nutrition, plant physiology, and biologicals, marketing products through consolidated and committed partnerships.


  • Cooperation: Promoting different competencies and profiles to maintain individual and organizational success.

  • Customer Focus: Ensuring that products are synonymous with value and investment for our customers and partners.

  • Integrity: Fulfilling legal, statutory, and good business practice requirements.

  • Technical Quality: Responsibility and efficiency in product development and customer service.

  • Sustainable: Using natural resources responsibly for the benefit of future generations.

  • Heritage Appreciation: Ensuring that the essence of the company is maintained.


To develop innovative solutions for the field.

Our Manifesto:

We have strong and deep roots in AGRO. We offer innovative solutions in plant nutrition and physiology to enhance the results and success of the farmer. It is our commitment to them! Our family origin is our essence, Agronomy is our guide, technical excellence is our pursuit.

These are the ingredients that empower us to offer farmers the best and newest technologies to expand their achievements. We stand with the rural producer, understand their challenges, and are partners on this essential journey for life and the economy of the country and the world. After all, AGRO is our history, our life, our future.

AGRO is what we are... From the ROOTS!

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