Agrocete values ethical behavior in all its relationships, which is why it seeks partner companies, third parties, customers and employees who understand its way of doing business and are committed to observing the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

With highly trained professionals who share the same values as us, Agrocete is committed to conducting its business in a legal, ethical, transparent and professional manner, mainly in compliance with legal norms and based on ethical and moral prescriptions.

For this reason, we created our Compliance program, which works to ensure that these standards are followed and also to guarantee an inclusive, safe and discrimination-free work environment, through our policies and, mainly, the Code of Conduct.

The program also has a Reporting Channel, which can be used by anyone who understands that our standard of ethics and completeness is not being followed.

Here, you will be able to explore all our policies as well as make your complaint. We are happy to hear that you care as much as we do about our company's ethical standards and integrity.