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A family-owned company with a rich history spanning almost 43 years in the market, yet also a multinational powerhouse constantly evolving to meet the Agricultural sector's demands. These are the hallmarks of Agrocete's success – a reference in the field of adjuvants, physiological, biological, and nutritional products. Over the past five years, Agrocete has undertaken a series of actions to further bolster its market share and, above all, to get closer to rural producers in the field.

This harvest has been substantial, a result of comprehensive planning put into action through initiatives ranging from restructuring the sales team to expanding the workforce (from 100 professionals in 2018 to nearly 250 presently); innovation in product lines; and a deliberate focus on strategic communication on all fronts. The outcome is measurable and worth celebrating. The number of clients served by Agrocete in the Brazilian market grew by 36% from 2018 to 2022; the increase in sales volume amounts to 82%, and in terms of sales value, the result is even more impressive with a growth rate of 132%, a reflection of high-value lines that have gained significant acceptance in the field.

The positive outcomes transcend borders, considering that the Brazilian multinational has another pivotal announcement for growth – the establishment of the International Operations division, aimed at extending its influence in the foreign market.

These are strategic actions on multiple fronts, encompassing a fresh market positioning in the Communication field as well. Andrea de Figueiredo Giroldo, Agrocete's Director of Marketing and Technical Development, explains that the essence of their efforts is to enhance the company's proximity to producers and their close relationship with Agriculture. "To achieve this, we've adopted a new Communication strategy that expands initiatives that directly engage rural producers," she asserts.

Figueiredo underscores the months of intense labor, hundreds of interviews with producers, distributors, and cooperatives, dozens of meetings with internal teams, involving staff from diverse areas and positions. This was all done to grasp that this is the moment to bring the brand even closer to rural producers, to be present in their day-to-day and truly understand their challenges. Just as importantly, this involves delivering solutions to real field problems through innovation and cutting-edge technology.

The positioning "#AGRO desde as Raízes" (Agro from the Roots) encapsulates these four decades. It speaks to the historical relationship of the company's founders with the field and agronomy, a heritage spanning generations. "It embodies the value of family, of family groups that have historically pushed boundaries and continue to drive our Agriculture forward. It's about diving deep into issues, seeking the root causes rather than staying on the surface. And, ultimately, it reflects a profound passion for the field and for those who make it their livelihood and life," the director emphasizes. "After all, Agrocete has strong and deep roots in Agriculture, and precisely this differentiator has brought us to where we are today," she concludes.

To top it off, Agrocete is also investing in expanding its factory located in Ponta Grossa, Paraná.

About Agrocete:

Founded in 1980, Agrocete is a Brazilian multinational with headquarters in Ponta Grossa, PR, and branches in the United States and Paraguay, internationally recognized in the fields of adjuvants, physiological, biological, and nutritional products.

Agrocete boasts the largest and most advanced biological inoculant production facility and is certified by ISO 9001 for management and quality, as well as ISO 14001 for environmental management. The company is a pioneer in producing special fertilizers and inoculants in Brazil, standing out for innovation and technological modernization from laboratories to procedures. Proof of this is the establishment of a unit for the development, validation, and testing of innovative products, such as bio-inputs, bio-fertilizers, and bio-stimulants, along with an Academy for employee training.

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