The XIII SIPAT – Accident Prevention in the Workplace Internal Week was held in the second week of February in a different way at the Agrocete. Due to the official recommendations regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, the lecturers were placed in an exclusive room with a minimum support team and their lectures were transmitted in real time to pre-determined points in our factories, aiming to minimize agglomeration of workers.

           The lecturers were instructed to speak without their masks on the microphone so that their speech would become clearer and it would be easier for those watching them to understand the lecture. As for the Communication Department support team, they were kept at a safe distance and wore masks all the time. The equipment used was frequently sanitized with alcohol 70.

           On Monday, the psychologist Dra. Lilian de Oliveira talked about the pandemic consequences on human relationships and how to deal with them. On the following day, two members of the Consaúde team addressed important issues in their discussions: Dr. Leonardo talked about the different types of cancer, how to treat them and, most importantly, how to prevent them, while Eliseu addressed the problems and consequences of smoking habits.

           On Wednesday, prof. Jackson Oshiro presented relevant information about financial education, mainly at these times, with economy tips and how to organize your finances to pay off your debts. On Thursday, our worker Ricardo Fogaça discussed data related to incidents and accidents occurred in 2020, in addition to the result of the first Safety Race, an Agrocete methodology that rewards the sectors of the company that did not have any accidents.

           To close the XIII SIPAT, on Friday, Dra. Milene Zanoni, a member of the Clown Doctors, lectured about “Happiness and the meaning of life”, in which she presented concepts of happiness and wellbeing and their relation with challenges, crises and setbacks in people’s lives.

           For all that, we thank the CIPA members for their commitment with the care of all Agrocete workers, seeking to inform them on the practices of safety at the workplace in addition to carrying out continuous actions to prevent accidents in the different work environments.