Participation in the BioAg World Congress opens up opportunities for new products and businesses

Agrocete, a reference in the production of inoculants, adjuvants and foliar fertilizers containing biostimulants or biofertilizers, participated in the third edition of the BioAg World Congress, an important event in the agribusiness inputs sector that brings together representatives from several countries to discuss and learn about news in biopesticides, biostimulants and biofertilizers.

This edition was held between April 26th and 29th of this year in Valencia, Spain, with several panels very relevant to the sector, such as the discussion of opportunities in the food distribution chain, sustainability and carbon credits, regulation of biostimulants, soil health and seeds, industry trends and a roundtable with the CEOs of the participating companies.

Among the topics covered during the four-day event, it is worth mentioning the implementation of European programs to drastically reduce the use of pesticides. Given this scenario, the use of biostimulants (or biofertilizers, as they are called in Brazil) based on microorganisms emerges as a strong trend within the scope of care of farmers with the crop.

Meanwhile, in Brazil there is also a greater demand for inoculant technologies, which promote greater nitrogen fixation and promote plant growth. “Biostimulants allow us to influence in a beneficial and healthy way the metabolism of plants, always looking for an increase in productivity”, says Vinícius Ávila, RD&I Coordinator at Agrocete.

Formulations based on recent technologies

 Regarding the technologies presented during the event, the use of metabolites caught the attention of the participants. These types of inputs open possibilities for innovative formulations in the products, which can act as the main active or as a potentiator, which generates opportunities for launches in the Brazilian market.

Ávila recalls that physiological management through biostimulants is an interesting solution to meet the high demand that farmers have for increasingly vigorous, healthy and productive crops. With events such as BioAg, it is possible to have more information on the subject and to be updated on current needs and future trends, so that companies producing biostimulants can think of efficient formulations that satisfy market demands.

Fernanda Schena, Quality Control Manager at Agrocete, who also participated in the event for the company, highlights the contacts made and the information exchanged during the event, as well as the possibilities for partnerships that arise from these meetings. She also cites the opportunity to develop new products and improve existing ones, generated based on information obtained from BioAg.

Vinícius Ávila also reinforces the importance of the diversity of information that sector events represent, citing that participation brought light to RD&I projects that were still in sketch: “With the contacts made and the opportunities presented, we can make the selection of what will bring the most benefit to the company and the farmers and to advance in the development of new products”.

And the next edition already has a date: it takes place in May 2023, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ).