Due to the worsening of the pandemic in the early 2021, events such as the Showtec in Maracaju-MS, Expodireto Cotrijal in Não-Me-Toque-RS, and Show Rural Coopavel in Cascavel-PR, which are very important for the sector, had to be cancelled or postponed to preserve the health of all those involved, that is, organizers and participants.

           However, once again we would like to highlight the importance of meeting rural producers, for this reason some of the events were adapted and were held online, promoting new forms of interaction.

           Sakata, for example, transformed their well-known Sakata Field Day into the Sakata iField, where the meetings were held virtually and several technologies that benefit the sector were presented. The specialties technical coordinator Braitner Andrade demonstrated the advantages of the GRAP HF Line for fruit and vegetable producers all over the country.

           The ABC foundation also decided to hold the 24th Summer Technological Show virtually, aiming to keep contact with the producers and continue bringing innovation to the sector. Agrocete participated to keep updated and take part in the constant evolution of the national agribusiness.

           Virtual events seem to have gained their place, bringing a new dynamics to traditional events that are extremely important to the sector. We would like to invite you all to watch the video presented in the Sakata iField by accessing the link below.


Check the presentation by the Agrocete technical coordinator Braitner Andrade in the Sakata iField event: