The history of t Agrocete Company began in 1980 with the foundation of the factory in Ponta Grossa - PR. Today, Agrocete is a national reference in the special fertilizers area, and maintains strategic partnerships with companies worldwide, aiming a high competitiveness with the distribution of its products in Brazil and throughout Mercosur. The inoculant production unit is considered the most modern industry in Latin America, and in 2015, Agrocete became the first Brazilian foliar fertilizer company with a distribution unit headquartered in Paraguay: Agrocete Paraguay S / A. The company's development is focused on continuous improvement, ensuring through ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 14001 (Environment) certifications, quality products and services.





Producing new technologies and new alternatives for agriculture, in order to obtain the maximum productivity of the crops, with higher quality food production, guaranteeing greater profitability and satisfaction of the farmer.



Integrated Policy:


Invest consciously and continuously in the quality of production, marketing of agricultural products, customer service and work safety, respecting the environment, meeting the legal requirements and providing the necessary structure to measure, monitor and critically analyze the effectiveness of the Management system.





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Organic mineral Fertilizers - ORGANOCETE



Micronutrients for seeds - GRAP



Foliar nutrients - GRAP



PH Reducer - GRAP P306



Inoculants - GRAP NOD



GRAP SUPER GUN and Certification: ISO 9001-2000



Vegetable Oil - GRAP'OIL, Social Seal Certification,

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Amino Acids - GRAP AMYNO



Manganese for blending with glyphosate - GRAP MANGANÊS rr



Garden fertilizers and decorative flakes - GRAP GARDEN



Seed rooting fertilizer - GRAP CoMo Root



30 years and CIGRA - Internal Committee for the Management of Agrocete Waste



Inauguration of   inoculants industry



ISO 14001 certification


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Política Integrada


Conforme estabelecido no planejamento estratégico, a Agrocete investe de maneira consciente e contínua no aumento da satisfação do cliente, através da garantia da qualidade no processo produtivo (ISO 9001), na comercialização, distribuição e assistência técnica de produtos para agricultura, respeitando os princípios da preservação ambiental, da prevenção da poluição (ISO 14001) e o comprometimento com os requisitos legais.


Telefone: (42) 3228 1229

Rua: Anna Scremin, nº 800 - Distrito Industrial

CEP: 84043-465 - Ponta Grossa - PR



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